Vibrating Screen

  • 6 ton/hour

  • 1.1 kW 380 Volt

  • 2750Lx2690Hx2000W

  • 750kg

  • 1, 2 or 3 sizes screened

What is a Vibrating Screen?

A vibrating screen is a machine used in the mining industry to sort and process different materials. It has a mechanically vibrating surface that vibrates at high speeds in a linear motion or circular motion. You can use screening machines to sort coal, ore, and other finer particles.

Why Do Mineral Plants Need Vibrating Screens?

Vibrating screens play an important role in mineral processing. They sift and separate rock particles from feeds. The feeds contain solid and crushed ore. The coarse particles of crushed ore are under 200 μm. You can use vibrating screens for dry materials and wetted feed.
Variable high frequency screens are an asset in the mineral processing industry. They tackle a wide range of materials, including varied particle size distribution, dry applications, and moisture of materials. They are highly efficient because of increased frequency.
The distribution of feed particles requires pre-treatment of the screen feed before using the high-frequency screen. The apertures on the screen become blocked, thus, pre-treatment is necessary.

How Does a Vibrating Screen Work?

Industries use vibrating screens to separate particle sizes. The vibrating machines lift the materials, which stratifies the load. Smaller material particles move from the top of the material to the bottom. This method enables smaller particles to become exposed to the screening surface.

Electromagnetic vibration exciters control the vibration intensity of the vibrating screen. You will find the electromagnetic device directly above the screening surface. Once particles of separation size have been surfaced, the batch of materials can be further processed.

What is the Screen Efficiency?

The screen efficiency depends on the angle at which the screen decks are tilted. Screening efficiency increases from 0 to 25 degrees, and our screen decks can tilt up to 45 degrees.

At What Stroke Does It Operate?

The electromagnetic device operates at a low stroke. The frequency ranges from 1,500 RPM to 9,000 RPM, delivering an accurate vibration amplitude ideal for the results you want, and the material being processed.

What is the RPM of a Motor?

RPM describes the speed of a motor. RPM is revolutions per minute. It explains the rate at which the rotor revolves. This is the number of times a rotor completes a full revolution.

What Are the Different Vibrating Screens Available?

There are 2 types of standard screen designs available on the market. These 2 types of screens are used carry out screening processes. They are called horizontal vibrating screens and inclined screens.

What Are the Differences in the Screen Specifications for Each Option?

The key difference between the two is that an inclined screen uses the force of gravity to help with the flow. We use gravity for the conveyance of the feed material. Both screens offer advantages for various applications, such as the velocities of particles and surface of particles on the different screens.

What Are Inclined Screens and How Do They Work?

Most of the time, we use inclined screens for aggregate applications. We install them on an incline to make use of the force of gravity. Gravity is the driving force behind inclined screens.

Using gravity results in low energy use and low stroke. Examples of aggregate materials include concrete and asphalt concrete. We can incline or decline horizontal screens.

We run horizontal screens on a flat surface of 0 degrees. The angle between screen and surface is usually 10 degrees. Screening capacity uses high energy and larger stroke because they don't rely on gravity to operate.

Horizontal screens, or linear vibrating screens, are reliable and efficient and offer accurate sizing of particles. Screen plugging is minimal. This results from the high velocity of required for moving materials.

Where Can I Get a Vibrating Screen From?

Choose your vibrating screen from our wide range of machines at Flo-Scan. We offer materials handling solutions for the coal and charcoal industries. For efficient vibration isolation, get one of the state-of-the-art screening machines we sell today.

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