Trommel Screen

  • 3 ton/hour

  • 1.1 kW 230 Volt

  • 3200Lx2500Hx1300W

  • 550kg

  • 1, 2 or 3 sizes screened

    Variable speed

What is a Trommel Screen?

We use a Trommel Screen for the separation of particle sizes. We often also refer to a Trommel Screen as a Rotary Screen. The Trommel Screen controls the particle sizes and the high-precision separation of particles.

They usually divide the mesh into many sections. This depends on the specifications. Screen mesh holes range from small to large. The diameter of the mesh hole in each section is the same.

What is a Trommel Screen? What is it Used For?

We use a Trommel Screen in industries. They separate particle sizes of various materials. Trommel Screens comprise a motor, reducer and roller device. They also have a frame, sealing cover, inlet, and outlet.

  • Some materials separated by Trommel Screens include wood chips, compost, and charcoal.
  • Others include solid waste, ores, and domestic waste.
  • The mining industry uses a Trommel Screen to separate rock. It aggregates the separating and sizing.
  • Aggregates are coarse particulate rock-like material consisting of a collection of particles

How Does a Trommel Screen Work?

Trommel Screens comprise a motor, reducer and roller device. They also have a frame, sealing cover, inlet, and outlet. We often refer to a Trommel Screen as a rotary screen. The rotating drum is perforated, which sits at an elevated angle at the feed end.

  1. They mount the cylindrical drum of the Trommel Screen at a slant on the frame. They couple the roller device and motor via the reducer. This rotates the drum around the axis.
  2. The material inside the drum screen will turn and roll over the material. It does this with the inclination and rotation of the rollers.
  3. The Screen discharges qualified material through the outlet at the base of the drum.
  4. It will discharge all unqualified material at the end of the drum.
  5. To prevent the screen holes from blocking, the screen surface ejects stuck material.

Why are Trommel Screens Better Than Other Screens?

We use Trommel Screens for a wide range of applications. These include the classification of various solid waste. Trommel Screens are useful in the separation and recovery of valuable raw materials. These are from raw materials.

  • The Trommel mechanical screening machine is better than other screening processes.
  • Some advantages include screening efficiency and screening rate.
  • Another advantage includes the time of residency of particles on the screen.
  • We calculate these equations during the initial phases of the design processes.
  • Rotating screen machines come in a wide range of designs.
  • Trommel screen design varies from one to the next.
  • Trommel Screens have many advantages over other screening processes.
  • Other screens include vibrating screens, grizzly screens, and roller screens. They curve other screens, and there are gyrating screens.
  • A balance between the screen efficiency and production rate is necessary for desirable production rates.

What Industries Use Trommel Screens? Best Applications.

Municipal waste depots use a Trommel Screener to classify the size of a variety of bio waste. Municipalities need separation efficiency for a wide variety of solid waste.

  • We use Trommel Screens for the recovery of fuel-derived solid waste materials. They do this by removing inorganic material from organic material.
  • An example of separation of particles is the liquid separation from solid waste.
  • This increases the quality of the end product.

10 Advantages of a Trommel Screen

  1. The rotating drum uses a rolling conveying principle for a variety of material waste.
  2. The holes are difficult to block on the screen surface.
  3. Operation is stable and free from vibrations.
  4. Trommel drum makes little noise.
  5. Optional accessories adopt the split design. This is a simple structure which is quick and convenient to replace and maintain.
  6. The roller device has a fully sealed structure. The result is pollution and dust-free environments.
  7. The entire operation is safe.
  8. The reducer has a high transmission efficiency with a small belt power.
  9. Your Trommel Screen enjoys low energy consumption and thus saves energy.
  10. To reduce maintenance costs, different Trommel Screen manufacturers use a variety of materials. These are in accordance with the varied needs of customers and the variety of applications.

Where Can I Get My Trommel Screen From?

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